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Locating the Right Kinds of Hangers to Ensure Best Care for Your High-Class Couture


Hangers are investments when it comes to clothes maintenance in clothing stores though some take them for granted. This is the case especially when it comes to haute couture and clothes from designer brands. In fact, choosing the right kind of hanger for your displays may even help showcase the shape of the garment.

Prior to buying the initial batch of hangers for your boutique, you should ensure that you pick the ideal kind. Here are a few of the criteria you will need to remember when choosing your hangers:.


– Whether in the backstage of style shows or displays in a boutique, the clothes on the racks will likely be handled on a regular basis. This usually means that the hangers holding these clothes should have the ability to endure regular use too. Under such circumstances, an inferior quality product no matter how elaborate it looks will simply get broken and be rendered useless. This kind of mishap can also cause damage to your clothes. While removing the garments from the hangers, any sharp broken edges may tear your clothes or snag on loose threads on the apparel.

The composition of your clothes – Clothes may also become destroyed if they are mounted on a hanger that does not work well with their material. Thin clothes can adhere to the shoulders of the accessory whenever they have surfaces created for added grip. Though this will prevent them from falling off entirely, the garment must be handled gently to prevent any damages. But this can dampen the customer’s experience. To permit ease of use, look out for products that can hold the clothes well without making it difficult for the customer to handle.

Support – High-end clothes are notoriously famous for being made with everything ranging from delicate, ethereal stuff to heavy and warm wool. Regardless of how heavy or light the garment is, consider picking high-end hangers that are designed to provide good support. Light garments might benefit most from fabric hangers to help maintain the shape of their shoulders and straps while the heavier types work better with hangers made from metal frames which help display their structure nicely.

Size – Trying to mount a dress or even a piece that is too little for a hanger may end up ruining the piece. On the other hand, choosing one that is too small may cause the garment to fall off. Besides all these, it’s essential to make a good presentation so that you can make the items appealing to your buyers. The clothing must be free from unnecessary wrinkles and folds. These are more likely to occur when you are currently using ill-fitting display accessories.

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