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The Rules in Wearing Funky Socks


Each of us has this feeling at least once in our life that we lack some kind of kick in terms of fashion. What this means is that you’re just like everyone else around you – someone who isn’t inspired and daring enough to be different. But now, you’re reading this article because you believe it’s time for some serious and dramatic change. Since you’re in need of an advice, why not begin your transformation with the socks you routinely wear?

You already have some clue what funky socks are, right? But did you know that people who wear funky socks are looked upon as someone who are successful and smart? So if you decide you’re wearing them, the one thing you should know is that you’re doing it not just for fashion. Certainly, there is more to it than what you probably expected. For example, it certainly creates a striking and unforgettable first impression to people you meet. But you do have to remember that the kind of impression you create will depend mainly on how you’re wearing those funky socks. What this means is that before you start shopping for funky socks, you must know what to look for.


– Buy the right color for you.

One of the unique things about funky socks is that they come in all sorts of colors. But that doesn’t mean you just purchase any color you fancy. When it comes to choosing the color, it is crucial that you only pick one that will match with some elements of your getup or outfit for that particular day. Remember that color matching is critical because the wrong combination will make you look weird or funny.

2 – Patterns are the trend in funky socks.

If you’re looking for another good reason to begin wearing funky socks, then it’s the fact that they come in some interesting patterns. Your choices for pattern funky socks are virtually unlimited – you can get them online or in local stores. Of course, the most popular and common patterns are the ones with stripes or classic dots in them.

3 – Figure out how much is too much.

In terms of building incredible first impressions on how you look, the amount of sock you show in your getup plays a major role. For instance, if you decided to purchase colorful funky socks, it may be best for you not to show too much of your ankle as you wear them.

4 – Be flexible by switching your socks often.

Once you decide you’re wearing funky socks, you have to embrace it. It means you wouldn’t want to go out with the same pattern, design, or color all the time. But be sure you keep a good combination between your socks and your getup.

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