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The Right Way to Prevent Body Odor Naturally

Body Odor

Body odor can affect anyone, both men and women. Maybe the factors that cause each person can be different, but some are the same, considering we live in a tropical country, where hot and rainy weather can increase the risk of bad body odor. Keep in mind that basically body odor can appear when bacteria in the body meet sweat. So, it can be concluded that the surefire ways below can help you prevent body odor naturally:


Take a Bath Regularly With Antiseptic Soap

Antiseptic or antibacterial soap can help get rid of the bacteria present in the body. Bathe regularly at least 2 times a day. Make sure the whole body is dry when you dress, especially in areas that often sweat, such as the armpit area, the folds of the hands and feet.

Wear Clothes That Easily Absorb Sweat

Wearing clean clothes is sometimes not enough to prevent body odor. What needs more attention is the material of the clothes. Cotton clothes are more breathable and absorb sweat. Wearing clothes made of this material will make the body not hot quickly and not easy to sweat.

Watch Your Food Intake

There are some foods that can trigger body odor, such as onions and mutton. The effects on each person’s body are different, so you need to first check what types of food cause body odor. Usually fatty, spicy and pungent-smelling foods can cause excessive sweat production and a sharper smell as well.

Regularly Drink Sour Turmeric

Who is not familiar with this traditional herbal concoction? Turmeric acid has been very popular, especially among women, because it is known to help reduce pain that occurs during menstruation, as well as launch the menstrual cycle. Turmeric acid also contains vitamins A and C which help clean the skin from within, making it more radiant and less prone to breakouts.

Drinking sour turmeric concoction regularly can also help prevent body odor, because its essential oil content is able to fight bacteria that cause body odor and control the amount of sweat produced. So, turmeric acid is very good to drink by men and women.