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Your choice of a security service provider can have a great impact on your organization’s safety and security. Hence, it is important to partner with one that will consistently uphold your security program and internal culture.

Below are the most crucial steps you can take to maximize your benefits from your security staff:

Supervision System for Security Guards

One of the primary components to look for in a prospective security service provider is an effective system for the supervision of guards. Otherwise, you may end up with guards who lack training, motivation and reliability. Some of the most common features of a good guard supervision program are guard check-ins, unannounced spot checks and guard tracking systems.


Training Background

If your current guards do not make you happy with their services, there’s a good chance they were untrained or at least, not well-trained, before you hired them. Improve your security workforce first by evaluating the orientation given by your contractor. First of all, did they provide the training on site (in your property)? Who was behind the training and what credentials do they hold? How long did each guard train?

Screening Procedure

In most states, guards have to satisfy certain training requirements before they get a license. Know what these requirements are in your state and make sure that your prospective provider’s guards are in compliance. In addition, you should be able to personally interview every guard before they are deployed to your property. Through this interview, it should be easier to see whether the guard is a good match for your organization. If not, the provider can give you another candidate.

Performing Unannounced Inspections

It’s always a good idea to stop by your property from time to time just so you know what your guard or guards are doing when you’re not there. If you’d rather not do this yourself, hiring a third-party security consultant can be a good alternative. Refrain from hiring another security guard company as consultant though as you will most likely get biased results.

Routine Contractor Meetings

One of the best ways to improve the performance of your guards is to meet with your contractor on a regular basis. Such meetings need not be formal though and may even transpire over the telephone. The purpose is just to give your feedback and ask the company what you can do about any weak points.

Choosing the Right Contractor
At the end of the day, your choice of a security service provider can make all the difference. Take time to screen prospects, and make sure you consider at least two or three different companies instead of just one. This gives you options that you can compare so you end up with a wise choice.

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