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Benefits of Having Family Devotions


Family devotions may at times prove to be challenging regarding the fact that you may need to bring all your family members together. Regarding the fact that some family members may have their religious preferences; it may be quite a challenge to encourage them to go for family devotion. In as much as you would wish to incorporate family devotion to your lifestyle, it is also important to be sensitive to all your family members’ choice of worship. Regarding the fact that family devotions encourage a spirit of togetherness, it is important that you incorporate it in your daily lifestyle.


of the main benefits of having family devotion is that it encourages peace in the home. This is with regards to the fact that as a family, you know each other’s flaws and behaviors. For that reason, you will be able to reevaluate your life and also that of your family by encouraging each other to shun wayward ways and live a life that glorifies God. Through this, a family will be able to live in peace and harmony and in a manner that glorifies God.

The other benefit of family devotion is that it promotes togetherness within a family. This is because it helps in binding the family through worship. There are many instances when families come together and are considered a great achievement such as eating together. Other than just sharing meals together, family devotion encourages spiritual growth of the members and also binds them together.

Family devotions also encourage the family members to have common knowledge regarding the scriptures. Having conversations basing on the scriptures will be much easier since as a family you will be able to have common knowledge of it as a result of reading the word together. Through family devotions, children are also able to have the courage to take part in corporate worship.

The other advantage of having family devotion is that it helps in reinforcing the spiritual headship of a family. This means that it goes in line with what is written in the scriptures with regards to the father or a single mother being the head of the family. Like they always say, to whom much is given, much is expected hence if you are the head of a family, you should be ready to be the pillar that hold it together since your family will rely entirely on you for its spiritual nourishment through the daily devotions. Family devotions also promote the growth of systematic discipleship whereby a family holds prayers on a daily basis thereby encouraging the growth of a strong spiritual home whose foundation is based upon listening to the word daily.

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