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Tips for Successful Business SMS Marketing

Short message service (SMS)is probably the most underutilized form of marketing especially among small businesses. However, the efficiency of a proper business sms marketing campaign cannot be overemphasized, with the open rate for phone text messages reaching 98%. You cannot afford to ignore this approach to customer messaging when you consider how impressive the potential return on investment is.

Below are guidelines for successful business messaging via SMS:

Follow SMS Marketing Rules

It’s illegal to spam customers with SMSs, so just don’t do it. However, you still can do it the right way and encourage online prospects to subscribe to the promotional messaging. For example, you may ask them to click a checkbox to subscribe, or send you a text message with certain keywords to opt in. The prospects that opt in are high quality leads.

Say No to Lengthy SMS

The recommended maximum for this messaging is 160 characters. If you exceed the limit, mobile carriers will break the message into bits of 160 characters. Before being delivered to the intended customer’s device, the sets of text may be merged, although many times there are glitches in the process. There are networks that never split or mend text messaging. Still, other networks never transmit text messaging that’s beyond 160 characters.

There are numerous issues with longer SMSs including the likelihood of the target line not receiving any communication whatsoever, or delivery of poorly organized text chunks. For sure, it’s undesirable for your potential customers not to receive your SMS or to receive your marketing messaging in a difficult way to understand. In any case, SMS messaging is by design meant to be short. Similarly, an SMS is no web content, and if you need the recipient reading it whole, avoid lengthy messaging.

Perfect Timing

To optimize the benefits of your business sms marketing, you have to select great timing. The need for timing stems from the nature of text messaging, whereby a recipient can choose to open it upon delivery and not wait until lunch-time, weekend, or availability of wifi to do it. This is an aspect of sms marketing that you can tap into for maximum results.

Consider a local pizza joint that sends you an sms announcing incredible discounts just when you’re almost ordering lunch! Therefore, when potential buyers are more likely to require your services and offerings is the right timing for sending promotional messages. That time may be a certain period of the day, a single day of the week, or spell of the year.

Business sms marketing can do you wonders if you get it right every time. Get the timing right, send these sms to just the subscribed prospects, and keep your messaging short and straight to the point.

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