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For most people, it surely is distressing to hear the news that they have to go through a surgery. On the other hand, when they are with the hands of a good and reliable surgeon who can ease your fears and can make you feel relaxed and comfortable before and throughout the surgery, most of your worries and anxiety will disappear.

Patients are more willing to put their health and lives into the hands of a reputable plastic surgeon that exudes in confidence and one that knows and acknowledges your fears. You are sure to go for a surgeon who also have proven track record in carrying out plastic surgeries. In the next paragraphs, you’re about to uncover the important qualities that your prospective surgeon should have.


1. Well trained – for someone to be qualified to practice in plastic surgery, they have to be complete with the mandatory training as well as education required by their country. You know that your prospective surgeon is trained and licensed if they are a member of a known association because such organization only accepts professionals who met their requirements.

Number 2. Professionalism – a good and reliable surgeon who needs to be his/her own critic at all time as such surgeon are the ones who are open to learning and education. These professionals are not afraid to seek the counsel of their colleagues in an effort to deliver the best service to their patients and to monitor progress after the procedure.

Number 3. Ethical – dependable surgeon puts the best interest of their clients at all times. He/she has to follow the set guidelines by the association they are member of and other professional bodies. In addition to that, your surgeon needs to take into account of your request and implement the safest path in performing the treatment.

Professionals put their focus on every surgical procedure they do even if it’s just a minor procedure because at the end of the day, your safety is their major concern.

Number 4. Confidence in what they do – any patients wants to be served by only the best surgeons who are showcasing confidence and positive attitude. Fact is, the way they are communicating with you is how you can determine it. To understand the whole procedure, the surgeon should speak to you in a language you’d understand and not some with deep medical jargons.

Number 5. Courageous and bold – as much as possible, we want our surgeon to make decisions based on their training but when it comes to surgical emergency procedures, their instincts and abilities should be as good as their education and experience. They must be ready to make quick decisions at any time without risking the health and safety of patients.

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