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Six Powerful Ways to Maintain Stomach Health

The stomach is an important organ in the human body because it functions to process food and drinks that enter the body. The process of food and drink is processed in the stomach and if there is a problem with the digestive organs it will make the body suffer from stomach acid or ulcer disease.

Of course, with a stomach like that feels uncomfortable for the owner of the body if stomach acid rises it will cause the owner of the body to feel nauseous, dizzy, pain in the area and so on. To maintain and maintain of course starting from the pattern of life and our diet in maintaining the health of our bodies. Here are powerful ways to maintain the health of our digestive organs, including:

Pay Attention to Meal Hours

Paying attention and regulating meal times is very important to maintain the health of our digestive organs. If we can manage and apply these eating hours in our daily life behind busy activities, there will be no problems with our organs and digestive system.

Before activity or after waking up, we are certainly advised to have breakfast if you want to get a healthy stomach, don’t miss it. In addition to breakfast we also have to eat lunch and dinner regularly so as not to get problems with the digestive system.

Natural Foods

You should eat vegetables, fruits, avoid fast food or preservatives. If you eat natural foods it will be good for your health.

Eat Small Portions

If you eat in small portions and are not full, it will protect you from feeling bloated, painful, and uncomfortable due to fullness. With small portions will make the stomach optimal in working. If you eat large portions, you need to divide them into smaller portions.

Manage Stress

If you are under stress, many thoughts or problems will make the health of the stomach will be affected this is because the hormone prostaglandin will decrease while the function of this hormone helps coat the stomach wall. If you are stressed it will make gastric production increase so that stomach acid rises.

Don’t Drink Water While Eating

Water is healthy, but if you eat and drink a lot it will make your stomach feel uncomfortable just a little. if you want to drink a little more you have to drink after eating or before eating at least 30 minutes.

Drink Alcohol

Consuming alcohol is not good because it will affect the stomach muscles and make the stomach unhealthy.

Do Not Smoke

Cigarettes are harmful to the health of the stomach because it can cause weakness of the esophageal muscle so that stomach acid rises. Even if you don’t smoke, the smoke from cigarettes, people who smoke are harmful to the health of the stomach around them. Therefore, immediately stop smoking because in addition to being not good for our health, it is also not good for the health of those around us.

Bad Habits

Many people do bad habits, such as after eating, lie down or sleep. It is recommended that after eating do not go to sleep or lie down.