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Practical Ways to Prevent Exposure to Internal Heat

Symptoms that arise when heat is often not worrying, but if ignored can disturb our comfort. An uncomfortable throat can lead to pain when swallowing. There are also other symptoms of internal heat that are quite stealing, namely bad breath, dry and cracked lips, canker sores, and coughing. If not addressed immediately, will be the beginning of other diseases such as flu. jonathan anomaly

What Is Internal Heat?

The terms that are often used to summarize some of the symptoms above are in fact not in the medical vocabulary. Heartburn is not a disease, but a collection of early symptoms of a viral or bacterial infection. One study also states that the symptoms of heartburn are related to inflammation that occurs in the body.

How to Prevent Internal Heat

Before we get to how to prevent it, it helps us to have knowledge of what causes it. There are many factors that cause internal heat, but it can be concluded into two, namely weak immune system and dehydration. So what should be done to prevent it?

Apply a healthy lifestyle that is practical to do. Get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, and avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages to increase the body’s resistance so that it is not susceptible to viruses or bacteria. If the situation and conditions do not allow you to have enough sleep, taking multivitamins can be an alternative, but getting enough sleep is the main thing.

What If It’s Already Hot Inside?

First, stick to the healthy lifestyle described above. Second, consume healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, low-fat meats, and complex carbohydrates. Make sure the food and drinks that are being consumed are comfortable in our throats. Third, the use of a humidifier or room humidifier helps keep the throat from drying out. In addition, gargling salt water can also relieve sore throat.