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Stay Happy as the Temperature Drops

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The New Year has come and the holiday season is coming to an end. The parties are finished and the leftovers are turning a little green. Our wastes are a little wider than they were a month ago, and our bank statements scare us to death. January is a sad time for many people and keeping your spirits up can be a difficult feat.

But just because the sky is grey, the wind is blowing and you just stepped in a slush puddle, doesn’t mean you can’t be happy. There are little things you can do every day to boost your mood and make the winter blues seem less devastating.

Together With Friends

Instead of staying home and watching the latest drivel spewed out by network television because it’s too cold and ugly to go out with friends, get out there and be social. According to Dr. Esther Sternburg, author of “The Balance Within”, happiness can be achieved as easily as being with friends. The gloomy weather can be easily forgotten with good company, so instead of hibernating until the daisies bloom, get out there with your closest friends and make a bad day seem sunny. This could be as easy as calling up a few friends for a coffee at lunch or an after-work cocktail; it doesn’t have to be a big party, just have a little fun.

When In Rome…

Sure the winter will get you down and the weather seems unbearable. Since you can’t change the weather, why not embrace it? The winter offers some unique activities that you cannot take advantage of when the thermometer grows. Go out for a skate with a loved one, or maybe take your kids (or your nieces and nephews) sledding. Winter also offers many romantic opportunities, such as sitting by a roaring fire with a cup of hot cocoa. The winter can be fun if you don’t fight it. Soon you may actually look forward to the colder months instead of dreading them.

Use The Winter In Your Exercise Routine

Since you may be skipping the gym because of the cold, why not use the cold and weather in your workout? Instead of going to the gym and running a treadmill, go out and take a jog in the afternoon? This way you will become less hostile towards the weather and your mood will increase due to exercise. By maintaining your exercise regiment, you will feel better about yourself, and incorporating the winter into your schedule will lift some hatred.

Eat The Right Comfort Foods

When our moods are low, we tend to reach for our comfort foods. For some, comfort food means cake, pie, chocolate, or other fatty foods. But there are plenty of comfort foods you can use to your advantage. Find foods you like that also contain omega-3 acids since they are natural mood boosters. Also, you want plenty of carbs (but the good kinds, like grains) as well as plenty of protein and Vitamin B. Oatmeal is an excellent breakfast and a great way to start the day, while a salmon-based pasta in the evenings tops off a healthy day for your mood.