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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tank Lining Service

The primary purpose of lining in tanks is to control corrosion, protect the contents of the tank and to reduce evaporation. Lining has been practiced on steel tanks for several years, but the technology ranges used smaller and more manageable. Since then, technology has changed significantly in the linings industry mainly inspired by the customers’ need for better, safe, and more reliable alternatives to protecting their property. This has, however, put the customer in the awkward position of having to choose a unique lining service from the many available in the market. You can read more about how to select a unique lining service with much ease here.

The most critical factor is always the environmental and health safety. The oil and gas industries are scrutinized all the time regarding their sustainability, health and safety practices. The fact that some companies have set limits on the yearly volatile organic content limits is symbolic of the environmental conservation measure.

Putting the lining performance of the material they use is also very important. You should be aware of the temperature ranges of the area where your tank is located. This will help you determine the curing rate of the lining material. You should have information on the maximum and the minimum temperatures of the coating. Make sure the lining service is fully aware of the material you want to store in the tank and can provide you with right lining for it. Ensure that the company you pick has a good understanding of the certifications depending on the uses and can recommend the right one for you.

You should take a serious look at the cost of the entire installation. Cost, in this case, is the price per gallon and lining thickness as it is related to the cost of the coating. You should be aware of how long the service is going to take to complete and what price. It is advisable that you take into account the cost of the surface preparation as it will affect the final coat significantly. You should find a company that provides services within your pricing range.

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