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A Guide to Artanis Build

Artanis has got this raw survivability thanks to its auto popping shield keeping him on his feet despite the fact his on a head to head battle to any hero. Artanis actually have that serious burst damage that is very perfect when trying to isolate strong enemy hero. After doing so, his allies can step into the scene and do their work of obliterating the opponents.

Things can be pretty fanatic and fast as well when stuck in a clash with melee warrior Artanis. And in an effort for keeping your shield cooldown low, it will be necessary to take some chip basic shots on your enemy hero. You however need to be wary with your positioning as this can make your hero susceptible without such skill. Check for DPS targets on peripherary of the battle who could be picked off with the burst damage. In the event that the clash is going against your team, this can be used in creating a good escape. Also, you need skills similar to Purifier Beam that will stop low health opponents to get back to base safely.

In case that you are not in a clash, you can take advantage of the innate strengths of your hero to deal with Mercenary Camps and map objectives or perhaps, to take on a lane that isn’t getting attention from your teammates. You probably don’t want to miss any XPs as those extra pushes can tell you the difference.

There are several Artanis gaming build but the standard build is one of the most popular that you can try.

Level 1. Reactive Parry – as you activate Twin Blades, this will reduce the damage that is received from next basic hero attack by 50 percent and it is able to store up to 2 charges.

Level 4. Templar’s Zeal – this makes your Blade Dash cooldown to recharge 75 percent faster while you are at 50 percent health or below.

Level 7. Psionic Synergy – every time that you hit another hero with Blade Dash, it reduces the Shield Overload cooldown by 4 seconds.

Level 10. Purifier Beam – target enemy heroes with orbital beam from Spear of Adun which deals 404dps for the last 8 seconds.

Level 13. Phase Bulwark – after activating Shield Overload, you will be taking 50 percent less damage from skills for the next 3 seconds.

Level 16. Zealot Charge – while the Twin Blades is activated, you are charging a short distance into your target.

Level 20. Target Purified – if you get to kill a hero using Purifier Beam, it recasts automatically to the nearest enemy Hero.

It can be a bit tricky to master Artanis in the game but you’ll use to it if you take time studying his abilities.

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