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Reasons Someone Might Need an Ultrasound



There are many reasons why someone might need an ultrasound Mesa AZ. This can be anything from a routine ultrasound to needing it for other things. Most people don’t realize how often ultrasounds are actually used. Below are some of the instances in which an ultrasound might be used.


The instance in which most people know an ultrasound is ordered is during pregnancy. Many times, an ultrasound will be ordered several times during the course of a pregnancy. For starters, one will probably be ordered at the very beginning of the pregnancy to confirm that there is a baby in the sac and that there is a heartbeat. Another ultrasound will usually be ordered around 20 weeks to do a gender determination and to confirm that the baby is measuring correctly and the fluid around the baby is at the correct level. The final time an ultrasound is usually ordered is a few weeks before the mother’s due date. This one is usually to track weight, length and growth, as well as confirm the baby’s position and the level of amniotic fluid. If the mother is high risk, they will probably have ultrasounds much more often than this.

style="text-align: justify;">To Look at Internal Organs

The next common reason why an ultrasound is ordered is to look at internal organs. Most of the time, an ultrasound is ordered if the patient is complaining of things like swelling, pain, and tenderness. It’s mostly used to help rule out conditions and it’ll give the doctors a better idea of what might be going on. Ultrasounds can also help doctors see if any of the organs are enlarged or abnormal. If they do see something like this, they’ll have a better idea of what’s going on because each disease has different symptoms, some of which are large or abnormal organs.
Surgical Procedures

The third common reason for an ultrasound is to help guide doctors during surgical procedures. By using an ultrasound, they’ll be able to see where their tools are going. A common procedure that uses an ultrasound is a biopsy. The needle can be seen on the ultrasound and the doctor will be able to ensure that the needle is going into the correct area. This can save the patient a lot of pain and suffering and prevent the procedure from having to be redone.
Track Diseases

The final common reason why an ultrasound is ordered is to track disease. By using the ultrasound, doctors will be able to measure growth and abnormalities. Some of the common diseases that can be tracked this way are: cancer, bone disease, and ovarian disease. If it looks like something serious on the ultrasound monitor, they can always order more in-depth testing.

Now that you know some of the reasons why a doctor might use an ultrasound, you don’t have to be worried if they order one. It is probably being used as a routine thing or to rule certain conditions out. Don’t always assume the worst!