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Important Guidelines for the Repair and Maintenance of Your Fence


The fence is usually the first line of defense against either burglars or wild animals. For this reason, you have to ensure that your fence is well maintained and repaired if you wish for it to perform its function well. A fence that is well cared for is not just a protection for you, but also a way of beautifying the home and making it presentable. Constructing a fence and then leaving it just like that will not be enough if it’s to work as expected. Regular repair and maintenance will guarantee that the fence serves you for longer. Some useful tips are outlined below to help you on how to care for the fence around your homestead.

Check for any nesting animals in it. Most of the small rodents and insects find fences good grounds to build their nests. Such animals include small rodents, bees, wasps and sometimes hornets. Such animals may make it dangerous to live in the homestead if they are not removed at once if they are discovered. Before you carry out any other maintenance tasks, you should check for these animals and ensure that they are gotten rid of. This will ensure that you are protected from harm by these animals.

The next step is to identify and replace the broken parts. It’s always good to ensure that any part of the fence that had been damaged is either fixed or replaced once you discover it. The stakes can fall into disrepair either as a result of the natural elements, accidental damage by animals or even by people. Replace those pickets and beams as soon as possible so as to restore security around you household.

Apply paint to your fence. For those who have dead fences constructed either from wood, plastic or metallic material, painting it is a sure way of protecting it from destructive animals and insects. You can also enhance the visual appeal of your homestead by painting your fence. For iron fence, application of paint provides a coating on the surface to keep away rust, thus ensuring that it lasts longer. For the wooden fences, painting prevents harmful insects from eating into the wood.

Applying insecticides. Insecticides are chemicals that are intended to kill insects. There is usually an increased risk of wooden stakes being attacked by termites. But the termites can be prevented from accessing the wood by killing them through applying an insecticide. This will thus ensure that your fence lasts longer.

Oiling the hinges of the gates is also a maintenance technique for your fence. Rusting usually happens to the hinges faster because they are exposed to the conditions of weather. When they are greased, they remain in a good working condition for long.

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