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Mental Life Optimization 101: How To Use Your Mind To Become More Productive And Positive



At some point, many individuals will make the connection between the substance and scope of their life and the thoughts that are continually running through their minds. It’s important to know that the things people regularly think about play an integral role in determining things like the types of relationships they develop, what they weigh, the kind of vocational path they develop, etc. Moreover, an individual’s mental life can play an integral role in helping them become more productive and positive for the purpose of accomplishing great things in the world. Yet if you don’t consciously, consistently commit to the mind optimization process, you may find yourself meandering through life or wallowing in a world of mediocrity. Luckily, there are many strategies that individuals can utilize to optimize their mental life for the purpose of remaining on the path to progress. Here are three of them:

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  1. Meditate.

One of the best mental life optimization strategies available to people is meditation. Meditation enables people to engage in an important process commonly referred to as metacognition. Metacognition is essentially thinking about thinking. The term was introduced to the human community by Flavell in 1976, and he used the word to refer to the individual’s own consciousness and consideration of her or his unique cognitive strategies and processes. Metacognition can also be thought of in terms of being self-reflexive, which involves reflecting on one’s own self. Meditation is an effective way to engage in metacognition because it empowers the individual to examine the thoughts that regularly run through their minds. In many cases, these thoughts may not be conducive to the individual’s own value system but rather result from continual immersion in communities or cultures where certain words and phrases are constantly being spoken. Some common examples include the phrase “Whatever” or “Just do it.” The underlying ideology that gives shape and substance to these expressions doesn’t have to be categorized as right or wrong during meditation. The individual can simply take the time to analyze these expressions and determine whether this is the approach to life that they want to take.

  1. Keep A Gratitude Journal.

In addition to meditating, people who are determined to cultivate a healthy mental life should focus on keeping a gratitude journal. This strategy has worked wonders for millions of people who find themselves constantly thinking in negative ways that fuel their own depression or indifference towards self and others. Gratitude journals are effective because they cause the individual to get and remain in a state of consciousness marked by ongoing reflection on people, places, and things that bring them deep joy. Different people are grateful for different things, some of which may include a close friend, new flavor of cappuccino, job promotion, or the amazing book they just read. When you constantly reflect on things that you are grateful for, you cultivate and retain a positive state of consciousness that can boost immunity and ward off depression. Also know that the gratitude process engenders more self-knowledge by helping you identify the things that you are genuinely appreciative of. Once you’ve gone through this identification process, you can develop the actions and attitudes necessary to ensure that these things remain an integral aspect of your life, thereby inducing the ongoing experience of deep joy.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Make Things Easy.

One final strategy you can implement to optimize your mental life is not being afraid to make things easy. In many cases, people work to strain their brain in ways that will generate all types of cognitive growth. However, it’s sometimes best to figure out ways to make various tasks easier to complete so you can conserve mental energy. In recognizing this reality, consider what processes you could shorten and simplify in the professional and personal settings. Note that you can obtain a pharmacy IVR system from companies such as the BestRx Pharmacy Management Software company to simplify tasks such as reporting, inventory management, and claims processing.


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