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Medications That Will Affect the Wal Mart Drug Test

According to the American Council for Drug Education, weed is the most commonly used illegal drug that features THC as the active substance. That is the main reason why most employers are fighting the war on drugs by routinely testing employees and applicants for patterns of abuse.

They are conducting narcotic tests in the form of hair, blood, and urine screenings so that they can determine the presence of active compounds and metabolites within the body.

However, consuming some nonprescription and prescription drugs may affect the testing results, which means that you may fail it even if you did not consume anything illegal.

Even though false-positive results are not that common in laboratory settings, if you decide to take home tests such as the one found in Wal-Mart, you will be able to fail it. Remember that it only happens to 2.5% of cases, so you have to avoid being part of these statistics.

What Is False Positive?

If you have to pass a narcotic screen, that may catch you off guard in most cases. Remember that screenings are standard as pre-employment processes in both government and private sectors, as well as for healthcare workers, students, athletes, criminals on probation and past users.

Even though tests are standard, the problem lies in idea that specific supplements, meds, and foods can lead to false-positive results.

Of course, laboratory testing features two-step verification when it comes to handling these issues, but in general, you may fail the screening even if you did not consume anything.

Consequences of False-Positive Results

Drug screening results may affect your current lifestyle and numerous situations that surround you. The screening settings are vital for accuracy, so if you wish to undergo a drug screen, we recommend you to do it in certified labs that already know how to deal with false positives.

According to statistics, between 5 and 10 percent of tests may be false positives, which lead labs to upgrade their equipment and testing devices so that they can reduce this particular issue.

However, failing a drug test may cause loss of employment, exclusion from competitive sports, jail time, improper medical care and loss of privileges during the probation. Therefore, you have to know how it works and what you should avoid consuming before the screen.

A Brief Guide on Lab Drug Testing

The initial drug screens are known, as immunoassays will check whether your sample is positive or negative shortly after you give the specimen.

The second step includes a GC/MS test that can determine whether positive results are conclusive, which will reduce the chances of false positives.

If both tests are positive, it means that you will fail the test. You should check out this site: to learn everything about Wal-Mart drug test.

The best thing about GC/MS is the ability to identify specific compounds within the specimen, but it will not identify all potential compounds that may affect the results.

Immunoassay is a large-scale and quick screening, while GC/MS is specific and will differentiate substances within your sample. Therefore, when you take the urine, they will split it into two examples, in which one portion will be saved for confirmatory screening.

However, a drug screening will rarely report the presence of specific drugs in the immunoassay, which is why you should give your future employer the list of over-the-counter and prescription medicines you consumed in the past few weeks.

Prescription and Nonprescription Drugs That May Affect Your Testing Results

1.     Dronabinol

Remember that dronabinol features chemical THC, which is the active and psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis. Therefore, consuming it may affect the drug testing results, and in some cases, they may encounter in your system THC even if you did not consume it.

Have in mind that physicians tend to prescribe this particular medication to stimulate appetite in patients with anorexia as well as to treat vomiting and nausea triggered by chemotherapy.

According to the Oregon State College of Pharmacy (click here to visit their official website), scientists are currently performing additional studies to see whether it can treat other issues such as glaucoma, migraine and multiple sclerosis.

2.     Ibuprofen

This is one of the most common no steroidal anti-inflammatory medications that you can purchase without prescription. It effectively reduces stiffness and swelling while it relieves pain too.

Both nonprescription and prescription meds can contain this particular compound, and in most cases, it comes with combination with other drugs such as cold meds and cough meds.

During the past times, ibuprofen could lead to false-positive test results, but according to National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, you can rest assured because labs know how to detect this particular problem.

3.     Ketoprofen

It is similar to ibuprofen because it can relieve stiffness, swelling, and pain, and it is a standard prescription for treating rheumatoid arthritis, as well as joint swellings.

Since its chemical characteristics resemble ibuprofen, it means that metabolites look similar and may affect the results when taking a test for THC.

4.     Naproxen

means is another nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug that treats pain, stiffness and swelling in joints.

You can find it in both nonprescription and prescription meds, and it can trigger false-positive results.

5.     Promethazine

This particular prescription drug tends to block the effects of histamine, which is a substance produced and released in the body during an immune response.

In most cases, doctors will prescribe you for reliving the symptoms of allergies such as watery eyes, runny nose, and skin reaction.

It also acts as anti-emetic, which means that it will control vomiting and nausea. Since it may cause drowsiness, doctors tend to use it after and before the surgery for sedation purposes.

Remember that if you consume meds that feature promethazine, it may lead to false-positive results.

6.     Poppy Seeds

Apart from medications, things you eat may also affect the results. Since poppy seeds are conventional on rolls, bagels, and pastries, you should know that consuming them before the test may lead to failing the test and having opioid inside the body.

Since poppy seeds feature codeine and morphine, you should avoid the consumption before the test because it may fail for opioids, and others will think that you are a heroin addict or even worse.