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Lose Weight And Keep It Off



It has been a month since you first made your New Year’s resolution to shed a handful of pounds. You have kept up with your daily workout; you hit the streets for your morning jog. You have maintained your discipline and you are confident that you can actually burn off some fat, but you are concerned about how you are supposed to keep those pounds from coming back.

This is a major concern for most dieters and exercise buffs: how to keep the pounds from returning after you have beaten it out of you. Your diet plays a major role in keeping the pounds off, but you already knew that. You know that gorging on cake, donuts, chocolates, and deep-fried goodies is a great way to pack on the pounds, even if you hit the gym on a daily basis. But there are other dietary concerns that you may have overlooked. Here are some ways to help you keep off the pounds through your daily diet.

Away From Designer Coffee

Visiting Starbucks for a double-mocha-half-caff-decaff-cinnamon-caramel-frappe-whatever can destroy your diet by adding a heaping helping of sugars and fats. For instance, your traditional fancy coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts contains over 250 calories. Consider the fact that experts claim that if you consume 200 extra calories a day, you will gain up to 20 pounds per year (I know, it’s hard to believe). Stick to regular, good old-fashioned coffee. A simple brewed cup of Joe has essentially zero calories. Add some non-fat milk and a spoon of sugar and you have what you wanted from your super-duper, whipped cream-covered liquid cake.

Drink Some Water Before You Eat

Sure, drinking water is essential for any active person; in fact, most people that exercise regularly keep a bottle of water nearby at all times. But what’s more, water should be consumed right before you sit down for your evening dinner. If you chug a glass of water before sitting down for dinner, your stomach will feel fuller; therefore you will eat less. But it’s not just water: have a cup of tea before mealtime, or even start with a soup appetizer. This way, you will consume fewer calories, the first step to losing weight.

Avoid Meat

A meat-rich diet is a surefire way to keep the pounds on your hips. The best way to lose weight is to have a diet based on fruit, vegetables, and grains. This is because these foods contain fewer calories per gram. But if you need your meat intake, try making a stir-fry as this will keep your meat intake to a minimum while balancing your consumption of veggies and grains. The key is to balance your diet without relying too heavily on meat. Although meat is the best source of protein and iron, the problem is that we have a tendency to overdo it. We eat too much meat and don’t balance it out with an equal amount of fruit, vegetables, or grains.