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How To Prevent From Paying Too Much Alimony

Some marriages have one person who stay at home and take care of the household. However, a stay at home mom is only an option when the husband’s salary is enough to cover the household expenses. If your marriage ends in divorce, then you cannot leave your wife financially unstable. Read on to find out how an alimony attorney Pasco county representation can prevent


you from paying too much to your spouse.

Learn The Rights Of A Stay At Home Spouse

The laws are different depending on your state for moms who do not work. It is the judge decision when it comes to awarding spousal support. Most judges do not require a stay at home spouse to work while going through the divorce. The working spouse must continue paying the expenses of the household. You must cover the expenses to prevent from losing marital property.

style="text-align: justify;">It is not a given for a spouse to receive spousal support after the divorce. You have to explain why you need support to receive alimony. For example, a wife who has never worked and has no job skills is more likely to get alimony.

What Is The Criteria?

A judge has to consider certain factors when making a decision about spousal support. The factors to consider include earning capacity, length of marriage, health, age difference between the couple, the homemaker’s contribution and reason for the divorce. For example, if the wife is sick, then the judge will more likely to award spousal support.

Understand Support is Temporary

Spousal support is not a long term payment. It is suppose to help your spouse with transitioning to paying his or her own household bills. For example, you may pay spousal support while your ex-spouse gets a nursing license. However, the judge can award permanent alimony when your spouse is disabled or elderly.

If you are going through a divorce, then you should talk to a lawyer immediately. A lawyer can help with dividing up marital property. Legal representation also comes in handy when your relationship is volatile. This service can work as a mediator and help with coming up with a payment plan without going to court.