Foods that Strengthen Children’s Teeth

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Caring for children’s teeth needs to be done from an early age. In addition to getting used to brushing teeth properly, we also need to provide healthy food to strengthen children’s teeth. Approximately, what foods make children’s teeth strong and healthy? Find the answers below!

Moms, caring for children’s teeth is not enough if you only rely on brushing your teeth every morning and night before going to bed. We also have to pay attention to daily food intake. One of them is by providing nutritious food that makes children’s teeth strong and healthy.


not a few parents often give a lot of sweet food to their children. Actually, it’s okay, but make sure not to give too much sweet food. Because it can trigger caries and cavities in your little one.

Providing nutritious food does not only make children’s teeth strong. However, it also plays an important role in optimizing the growth and development of children. That way, children grow healthy and away from various risks of disease. So, what foods can strengthen children’s teeth?

In full, here are 6 foods that make children’s teeth strong and healthy:

Green Vegetables Able to Strengthen Children’s Teeth

Consuming green vegetables such as kale, celery, and spinach plays an important role in supporting children’s dental health. Reporting to the Klikdokter page, green vegetables contain calcium which can keep tooth enamel strong. That way, your little one’s teeth are always healthy and not easily porous or hollow.


So far, maybe moms only know the benefits of carrots to maintain eye health. In fact, there are still benefits of carrots that are no less interesting, namely maintaining the health of children’s teeth.

In fact, carrots are one of the foods that can make children’s teeth strong and healthy. Quoting from the Halodoc page, the presence of vitamin A and antioxidants in carrots can increase the production of saliva which functions to rinse acid on the teeth. That way, the risk of cavities in children can be reduced.


Apart from vegetables, fruits are also foods that can make children’s teeth strong and healthy. One type of fruit that can strengthen children’s teeth is apples.

Behind their crunchy texture, apples contain high fiber which plays an important role in removing plaque from the tooth surface. Plus, apples are rich in vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for maintaining the health of children’s teeth. Including one of them reduces the risk of cavities.


Next is yogurt, a healthy child’s tooth-strengthening food. In addition to making children’s teeth strong and healthy, the presence of natural probiotic bacteria in yogurt is believed to help fight the bacteria that cause gingivitis.

Even though it’s healthy, make sure Moms don’t just give yogurt to children. It is recommended to choose yogurt without sugar, in order to maintain the health of your little one’s teeth.

Milk and Cheese

Rich in calcium and phosphorus, it’s no wonder that milk and cheese are included in the list of foods that make children’s teeth strong. The calcium content in it also plays an important role in maintaining healthy teeth, as well as strengthening the bones around your little one’s teeth.

In fact, a study states that children who consume more dairy products; like cheese, have a smaller risk of cavities than children who don’t eat it, lo!

Good Eggs for Children

Finally, eggs are also healthy foods that can strengthen your little one’s teeth. This is thanks to the high content of vitamin D in eggs which functions to maintain healthy teeth and mouth.

In addition, the content of vitamin D in eggs also plays a role in increasing the absorption of calcium and folate. FYI, calcium and folate are minerals that play an important role in protecting teeth so that they are always healthy and strong.

Those are some foods that make children’s teeth strong and healthy. Come on, give it to the little one!