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Foods for Solving All of Your Cravings



Diets are often ruined by our uncontrollable cravings. We try so hard to get through our diets without succumbing to our urgings, whether they are for sweet or salty snacks. But should we really be forced to avoid what we really want to eat? Is our diet really that important that we have to suffer through even foods we hate day in and day out? Well, not in every case. Some snacks can solve your craving needs without sending your diet upriver; you just need to know where to look. Here are safe foods you can eat during your diet that will satisfy all of your snack food cravings, from sweet to salty.

a Sweet Tooth?

Sometimes our need for sweets goes so far that we can’t help but reach for that Snickers bar on the convenience store shelf. But these kinds of sweets will ruin your diet in a heartbeat; your average chocolate bar has about enough calories to replace your breakfast, lunch, and midday snack. Avoid at all costs. Instead, reach for this little dish. Cut a pear in half and toss it in the oven for a few minutes to make it soft in the center. Then add some ricotta cheese, about a tablespoon or so, to the center and sprinkle on some cinnamon (don’t worry about how much cinnamon you use). Voila! Your sugar need is in check, and even better, you only consumed 170 calories!

Need for Chocolate?

Chocolate can be deadly to your diet; unless you are eating the proper kind. The best kind of chocolate out there is dark chocolate; in fact, dark chocolate can actually be good for you! But if you don’t have a taste for the bitterness of dark chocolate, here’s a little recipe that should work: Mix peanut butter with some low-fat milk and a handful of chocolate chips. Then add some oats to the mix and mold them into small balls and let them sit in your fridge for about ten minutes. You now have a delicious chocolaty snack for only 160 calories.

What About your Need for a Crunch?

When cravings hit, sometimes it comes in the form of a crunch. You may end up reaching for a bag of potato chips to satisfy this need. This should, as you may guess, be avoided. To get your crunch on without consuming a week’s worth of sodium, try this little pita chips recipe: cover a whole pita bread in cooking spray and sprinkle on some chili powder. Place it on a cooking tray and bake in the oven for five to six minutes and then flip it over. When it is all finished, you have a very healthy yet crunchy (and a little spicy) alternative to that bag of Lays. And again, this snack only has 160 calories, so feel free to bake up this crunchy snack whenever the craving shows its face.