Dental Implants Superior to Traditional Dentures



Unfortunately, humans don’t grow back teeth like Great White Sharks do. We’re given baby teeth that fall out during childhood and are replaced with adult teeth – we only have one set of these. Some people experience accidents while exercising, injuries that result from car crashes, and other slip-ups that permanently harm teeth. Further, others neglect to take proper care of their teeth, causing them to rot and eventually fall out.

Regardless of how your teeth fall out, you might need dentures or dental implants one day. Although the two accomplish similar goals, let’s take a look at the differences between the two and how the latter – dental implants – is superior to traditional dentures.

style="text-align: justify;">Dentures Can Slip, Slide, And Fall Out Of People’s Mouths

Most of us are familiar with gags portrayed on television, on the silver screen, and elsewhere in media that involve senior citizens’ dentures falling out of their mouths. Dental implants inherently cannot fall out of people’s mouths because they’re anchored to facial bones that lie deep below the surface of the gums. While most people’s dentures won’t, in fact, inadvertently fall out of their mouths while they chew, talk, or bend over, many people choose dental implants to never run the risk of such a gaffe happening.

Implants Take Up No More Space Than A Typical Tooth

Bridges, for example, are fitted onto teeth surrounding gaps without teeth in them that are supposed to be there. Implants don’t have to be capped onto nearby teeth – they’re installed permanently whenever dentists put them in.

Dental Implants Last Forever!

Unlike bridges or dentures, dental implants tend to last forever, especially when they’re taken good care of.

People of all ages, unfortunately, lose teeth – ranging from teenagers whose adult teeth recently grew in but one or more was knocked out in a sports accident all the way up to their senior-aged, retired counterparts. Haven’t you learned that you’d much more likely prefer the benefits that dental implants carrollton ga bring to the table?