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7 Vegetables to Gain Weight Naturally

Gain Weight Naturally



Some people often find it more difficult to weight naturally than to lose it. In fact, there are various ways to gain weight. One of them is by consuming high-calorie vegetables. Yup, there are some vegetables that can make you gain weight naturally! Come on, let’s check one by one.

For some people, having a thin body makes you feel insecure. Some say we lack energy, some even say we are sick because we are too thin. Hence, various ways to do thin people to gain weight. One of them by eating vegetables that can gain weight!

Maybe all this time we think vegetables are good for diet; lose weight. But it turns out, many vegetables can also add to our weight, lo! In fact, this is one of the healthiest ways to weight gain

For that, we can weigh naturally t in a healthy way, namely by consuming vegetables that can increase the following weight:

Corn Can Gain Weight Naturally

For weight gain, never skip corn. The starch content in corn can increase body weight while increasing muscle growth. Every 100 grams of corn contained 125 calories we need to weight gain.


Carrots are known as a source of beta-carotene which is beneficial for maintaining eye health. Besides being good for the eyes, the fiber and calorie content in carrots can maintain digestive health and increase body weight.

The reason is, in every 100 grams of carrots contains 41.3 calories. Hence, these vegetables can gain weight in a healthy and natural way.


Potatoes contain high calories to increase body weight while increasing glycogen stores in muscles. 100 grams of potatoes, contains 76.7 calories needed by the body to gain weight.


Girls, we must be familiar with kale. This vegetable contains 54 calories in every 100 grams. In fact, a study found that high-calorie vegetables such as kale, are safe for weight gain.

Papaya Leaf

Even though papaya leaves have a bitter taste, we can use this vegetable to gain weight naturally. Every 100 grams of papaya leaves contain 79 calories. The content is useful for increasing our weight.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are known for their high carbohydrate content. Because one sweet potato contains 103 calories it can gain weight naturally and healthily. In fact, this food can replace rice which is high in carbohydrates, lo!

Shitake Mushroom

Besides being useful for fighting cancer cells and boosting the immune system, shitake mushrooms can also increase body weight. Because shitake mushrooms contain 33 calories per 100 grams.

The calories from shitake mushrooms come from carbohydrates, fiber, and sugar. So no wonder the high calories in this vegetable, we can use it to gain weight.