5 Ways to Treat Bloated Stomach Quickly



Experiencing bloated stomach can cause uncomfortable feelings that can interfere with daily activities. Flatulence generally appears when you finish eating, and you may feel that your stomach is full for a long time. Flatulence can also appear as a symptom of an ulcer, having a cold, or a deficiency of certain enzymes.

The problem of flatulence is indeed not a serious health problem that must get special treatment. To overcome this, you can do self-care at home without the need to take certain drugs. However, if the flatulence does not improve, it is important to go to the hospital. If you only experience mild symptoms, you can do the following ways to treat flatulence.

Ginger for Bloated Stomach

Rhizome plants, ginger does save a variety of health benefits. In addition, ginger is also known to treat ulcers and bloating. Ginger can reduce gas levels in the stomach and provide a sense of relief and warmth in the stomach. To consume it, ginger can be chewed directly or grated then brewed with warm water or warm tea. Apart from being an ingredient, you can also add ginger in vegetable and fruit juices.

Overcome Bloated Stomach with Turmeric

Like ginger, turmeric can also overcome various digestive problems, ranging from stomach pain, heartburn, to flatulence, no doubt. It is known, that turmeric can calm your digestive system and remove gas trapped in your stomach. So, if you want to treat flatulence, you can drink turmeric extract or mix it in your food.

Using Peppermint Oil

Flatulence can occur due to changes in the function of the muscles in the digestive tract. For this reason, the use of drugs called antispasmodics can help reduce muscle spasms and have been shown to be beneficial for reducing flatulence symptoms.

The use of peppermint oil when flatulence is believed to have a function to relieve flatulence. Peppermint oil itself is a natural essential oil that is believed to function in the same way as antispasmodic medications.

Taking Probiotics

One of the main causes of flatulence is gas produced by bacteria in the intestines. There are many types of bacteria that live in the human gut, and these bacteria can vary between individuals.

A number of clinical studies have found that certain probiotic supplements help reduce gas production and bloating in people with digestive problems. So, there is nothing wrong if you consume probiotic drinks to balance the good bacteria in your digestion.

Exercise Diligently

The last way to treat flatulence is to do a little exercise. You can not only cure flatulence with food, it turns out that exercise can also overcome it, you know. Well, one type of exercise activity that you can do is cardio for at least five minutes.

Cardio sports are believed to increase breathing, heart rate, and stimulate muscles and nerves to work optimally. Cardio exercise will stimulate the intestines to contract naturally.