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5 Ways to Cool Down a Hot Flash



Aside from the emotional roller coaster that occurs on a daily occasion, women who are going through menopause will often complain about hot flashes. Regardless of the temperature inside, menopausal women are prone to overheating, surprising their friends and family, considering the thermostat is set at the regular 70 degrees. There isn’t much a woman can do to prevent these hot flashes from occurring, but there are ways to cool down once they hit. Here are the five best (and quickest) ways to cool down your annoying hot flashes.

Cleavage Coolers

It may seem strange to shove a cold pack into your bra, but it works. These little gels (about $40 for a pair) will make you feel cool even if you are walking through the Sahara Desert. They also come with a thermal case just to ensure that your little friends keep their cool. Whenever you have a hot flash, or if you feel one coming on, slide a Cleave Cooler into your shirt and enjoy the cool refreshment.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Hot flashes have a tendency to keep menopausal women up at night; the heat is too much to bear even if you have no sheets on your bed. To get a good night’s sleep, you will need to get your melatonin going, the hormone that regulates sleep. Find a warm coffee-like drink (such as Dreamerz) that contains Lactium, which is a protein that helps you stay cool and relaxed, like a warm glass of milk.

Small Handheld Fans

These little fans run on batteries and can be easily kept in your purse or your office desk. Whenever you have a hot flash sneak up on you, spend a few minutes cooling down your skin with a handheld fan. Many of these fans also come with a small stand so that you can place it on your desk to keep both hands free to fulfill your work responsibilities.

Micro Weight Undershirts

Micro weight undershirts help regulate your core temperature without weighing you down. In fact, you will likely not even notice that you are wearing one of these tank tops (try Smartwool for only $45) and they fit nicely underneath a power suit, jeans and a blouse, or even your gym clothes. And if you are still hot, these micro weight undershirts are actually quite stylish, coming in black, white, red, and blue.

Don’t Forget The Power Of Ice

It may sound cliché to point out the use of ice during a hot flash; essentially every comedy movie ever made that wanted to mock a menopausal woman will show a lady stroking her arms, legs, and chest with an ice cube. Well, there’s a reason for this. It will indeed get you cool, but the problem is that it also leaves you wet. Instead, drink a fat-free ice coffee. This works for hot flashes and summer days on the beach!