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5 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat While Dieting



Are you on a diet program? If true, surely you know that one of the diet programs is to reduce the amount of food. However, did you know that the key to the diet is actually food selection? Many people do not realize that in order for a diet program to work, he must limit certain types of food. In fact, if possible, you should not eat certain foods so that the diet program runs smoothly.

For those of you who don’t know what the list of foods to avoid so that the diet can be successful, here is the full review.

style="text-align: justify;">French Fries or Potato Chips

The first type of food is  fries or it could be potato chips. It can be said, French fries and potato chips are one of the popular snacks.  Potatoes are also a healthy food as long as they are not fried. You need to know that the frying process can make the calorie and oil content in potatoes higher. Plus, eating foods high in fat like French fries can increase cancer. So that the diet program can be successful, cook potatoes by boiling, roasting, and also steaming. It can also maintain various nutrients in potatoes.


Cake is a food made from flour, sugar, and butter. With a mixture of these ingredients, it can make many types of cakes that contain high calories. Unfortunately, it also degrades various nutrients in the cake itself.

When you eat cake, it can cause you to feel hungry and always want to eat in large portions. If you still want to eat sweet foods while on a diet, you can replace them with dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains many antioxidants and can also lower bad cholesterol in the body.

Ice Cream

When the hot weather comes or feels stifling, then we tend to want to eat ice cream. Because, by consuming ice cream can be refreshing and it tastes delicious. However, ice cream contains very high levels of sugar and calories.

If you want to eat ice cream, it’s best to make your own ice cream and not buy prepackaged ice cream. Of course, by making homemade ice cream, you can use healthy and natural ingredients. Examples of ice cream from fruits and yogurt.

 Fast Food

Fast food generally has a lot of calories, cholesterol, and salt. While the nutrients in it are very little. If you eat these foods in large quantities, it can cause weight gain. Even worse, it can increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol.

Therefore, it would be much better for you not to eat fast food. Expand the consumption of healthy foods and also contain balanced nutrition.

Fizzy Drinks and Packaged Drinks

Types of soft drinks and various types of packaged drinks (coffee, milk, and packaged juices) have high levels of sugar and calories. If you consume too much it can have a bad impact on health. One of them is to increase body weight.

If you want juice, it’s best to make your own or buy juice without added sugar. Not only healthy, but also can meet daily needs.

These are the five foods that should not be eaten while on a diet. Hopefully this article can provide benefits.