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6 Characteristics of Food Poisoning to Watch Out for

Characteristics of Food Poisoning

Sudden nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea right after eating certain foods? Be alert! Because this could be a sign of food poisoning. Even though food poisoning is not fatal and can heal on its own, make sure you don’t take this condition lightly. The reason is, in some cases, food poisoning can cause serious health problems. That’s why we need to recognize the characteristics of food poisoning in order to immediately get the right treatment. So, what are the characteristics of food poisoning to watch out for?

Characteristics of Food Poisoning in Nausea and Vomiting

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Benefits of Badminton for Physical and Mental Health

Benefits of Badminton

Besides being fun, there are many benefits of badminton for the health of our bodies. Not only is it beneficial for physical health, but badminton also plays an important role in maintaining mental health. In fact, the benefits of playing badminton are believed to extend life!

Interestingly, the benefits of badminton do not only make you physically healthier and stronger. If done regularly, playing badminton is beneficial for maintaining mental health. In fact, diligently exercising badminton is believed to extend our life, lo!

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Good Fruit for Dental and Oral Health

Dental and Oral Health

As we know, fruit contains several important nutrients to maintain health. Not only is the body whole, but the fruit is also good for the health of our teeth and mouth. This is because fruit contains high antioxidants to protect gums and oral tissues. Not only maintaining overall body health. It turns out that there are some fruits that are believed to be good for dental and oral health. This is because fruit is rich in antioxidants which are good for protecting teeth and mouth from cell damage.

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Getting to Know Foods Containing Probiotics

Foods Containing Probiotics

Probiotics are a type of fiber that can help the good bacteria in the gut. In other words, consuming foods containing probiotics can help maintain digestive health, and boost the immune system. So, what are the probiotic foods that we can consume?
Some people think that bacteria are a source of dangerous diseases. In fact, there are still good bacteria, namely probiotics. In fact, there are various benefits when we eat foods containing probiotics, lo!

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Easy Ways to Overcome Painful Breasts When Breastfeeding

Painful Breasts

Breast milk plays an important role in supporting the growth and development of babies in the 1,000 HPK period. The problem is, many breastfeeding mothers experience sore breasts when breastfeeding their little ones. As a result, the breastfeeding process was hampered. So, what should be done to overcome Painful Breasts so that the breastfeeding process runs smoothly?

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5 Diseases that Cause Leucorrhoea to Watch Out for

Leucorrhoea is a problem in the normal female area and is often experienced by women every month. However, if there are too many and with certain colors, it could indicate a dangerous disease, lo! Yup, there are several diseases that cause vaginal discharge that we should be aware of.

Leucorrhoea in women is actually a natural thing. Normal vaginal discharge is usually clear white without a strong odor. However, if the intensity of vaginal discharge is too frequent, we should be vigilant. Because there are several diseases that cause dangerous vaginal discharge.

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Benefits of Folic Acid for Pregnant Women

Folic Acid for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, meeting the needs of folic acid is very important to support the growth and development of the fetus. Folic acid has several benefits for pregnant women, from reducing the risk of miscarriage to preventing neural tube defects. Not only that, there are still many benefits of folic acid for pregnant women that you should know about.

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