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6 Important Things to Pay Attention to Before Exercising

Exercising  has many benefits both for the body to maintain cardiovascular health, maintain weight, maintain muscle strength and also have a positive psychological effect. But before exercise it is necessary to do with the right preparation so that we can get the benefits of exercise but also stay safe.

Medical Conditions Before Exercising

Before starting to exercise, it is important to note whether you have any special medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, or a history of special injuries? If yes and you are just starting to exercise, you should first consult a doctor … Read the rest

6 Ways to Boost Immune in Children during a Pandemic

Some people do not realize that the Covid-19 virus does not only attack adults, but also children. Although our children look fine, but boosting the body’s immunity is also very important. That way, various kinds of diseases will not easily attack children. In the new normal era like today, some people are able to carry out their activities as usual. However, they still have to implement the health protocols as recommended by the government. After all, Covid-19 can infect various walks of life and that includes children.

You need to understand that the immune system in children is still … Read the rest

Tips for Overcoming Flu and Cough

Colds and flu are diseases that often appear during the transition season, but these can be prevented through habits and lifestyle. Preventing colds and flu can be done naturally, such as diligently exercising, getting enough sleep, increasing fiber and being hydrated. One of the bad habits of nail biting can also be a cause. Therefore, stopping biting nails is also effective in preventing the flu virus from entering the body. Here are some natural ways to prevent colds and flu


Research shows that post-menopausal women who do regular to moderate exercise have a lower risk of colds and flu. … Read the rest

Healthy Food for Smart Brain

Brain development has started since a person is in the womb until adolescence is supported by healthy food for a smart brain. Adequate nutrition and nutrition will help the brain to work optimally and run well. The difficulty of memorizing things and weak thinking power are caused by the poor development of the child’s brain. Here are some healthy food ingredients that are useful for brain development:


Blueberries are a healthy food ingredient for the first intelligent brain to be discussed because blueberries provide many health benefits including your brain health. Blueberries contain anthocyanins which are a group … Read the rest