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Practical Ways to Prevent Exposure to Internal Heat

Symptoms that arise when heat is often not worrying, but if ignored can disturb our comfort. An uncomfortable throat can lead to pain when swallowing. There are also other symptoms of internal heat that are quite stealing, namely bad breath, dry and cracked lips, canker sores, and coughing. If not addressed immediately, will be the beginning of other diseases such as flu. jonathan anomaly

What Is Internal Heat?

The terms that are often used to summarize some of the symptoms above are in fact not in the medical vocabulary. Heartburn is not a disease, but a collection of early symptoms of a viral or bacterial infection. One study also states that the symptoms of heartburn are related to inflammation that occurs in the body.

How to Prevent Internal Heat

Before we get to how to prevent it, it helps us to have knowledge of what causes it. There are many factors that cause internal heat, but it can be concluded into two, namely weak immune system and dehydration. So what should be done to prevent it?

Apply a healthy lifestyle that is practical to do. Get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, and avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages to increase the body’s resistance so that it is not susceptible to viruses or bacteria. If the situation and conditions do not allow you to have enough sleep, taking multivitamins can be an alternative, but getting enough sleep is the main thing.

What If It’s Already Hot Inside?

First, stick to the healthy lifestyle described above. Second, consume healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, low-fat meats, and complex carbohydrates. Make sure the food and drinks that are being consumed are comfortable in our throats. Third, the use of a humidifier or room humidifier helps keep the throat from drying out. In addition, gargling salt water can also relieve sore throat.

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Six Powerful Ways to Maintain Stomach Health

The stomach is an important organ in the human body because it functions to process food and drinks that enter the body. The process of food and drink is processed in the stomach and if there is a problem with the digestive organs it will make the body suffer from stomach acid or ulcer disease.

Of course, with a stomach like that feels uncomfortable for the owner of the body if stomach acid rises it will cause the owner of the body to feel nauseous, dizzy, pain in the area and so on. To maintain and maintain of course starting from the pattern of life and our diet in maintaining the health of our bodies. Here are powerful ways to maintain the health of our digestive organs, including:

Pay Attention to Meal Hours

Paying attention and regulating meal times is very important to maintain the health of our digestive organs. If we can manage and apply these eating hours in our daily life behind busy activities, there will be no problems with our organs and digestive system.

Before activity or after waking up, we are certainly advised to have breakfast if you want to get a healthy stomach, don’t miss it. In addition to breakfast we also have to eat lunch and dinner regularly so as not to get problems with the digestive system.

Natural Foods

You should eat vegetables, fruits, avoid fast food or preservatives. If you eat natural foods it will be good for your health.

Eat Small Portions

If you eat in small portions and are not full, it will protect you from feeling bloated, painful, and uncomfortable due to fullness. With small portions will make the stomach optimal in working. If you eat large portions, you need to divide them into smaller portions.

Manage Stress

If you are under stress, many thoughts or problems will make the health of the stomach will be affected this is because the hormone prostaglandin will decrease while the function of this hormone helps coat the stomach wall. If you are stressed it will make gastric production increase so that stomach acid rises.

Don’t Drink Water While Eating

Water is healthy, but if you eat and drink a lot it will make your stomach feel uncomfortable just a little. if you want to drink a little more you have to drink after eating or before eating at least 30 minutes.

Drink Alcohol

Consuming alcohol is not good because it will affect the stomach muscles and make the stomach unhealthy.

Do Not Smoke

Cigarettes are harmful to the health of the stomach because it can cause weakness of the esophageal muscle so that stomach acid rises. Even if you don’t smoke, the smoke from cigarettes, people who smoke are harmful to the health of the stomach around them. Therefore, immediately stop smoking because in addition to being not good for our health, it is also not good for the health of those around us.

Bad Habits

Many people do bad habits, such as after eating, lie down or sleep. It is recommended that after eating do not go to sleep or lie down.


Tips for Preventing Sports Injuries

Exercise has many health benefits. Unfortunately, when you don’t focus or pay attention to what you’re doing, sports  injuries can happen. Therefore, it is important to know about sports injury prevention exercises. Well, to do it safely, you can do the following ways. Come on, learn more!

How to Prevent Injury While Exercising

Do you know? Injuries can happen to anyone, no matter if you are a sportsman or an experienced person. Even walking alone can cause injury. However, don’t worry you can significantly reduce your risk of injury by following these sports injury precautions including:

Ensure Conditions Stay Prime

Before starting to exercise, make sure your condition is healthy. This is a general rule that you need to know for the prevention of sports injuries. For example, if you are over 55 years of age, consult a medical professional before starting to exercise. This way, you will be sure that you are healthy enough to exercise. The same is true for men or women with a history of heart/blood vessel health, stroke, or diabetes.

Choosing the Right Type of Sport

Prevention of sports injuries can start from small things choosing the right type of sport. Before training, you should make careful planning and execution. First, start by finding the sport or exercise that best suits your abilities. For example, if you have joint pain, you should choose an exercise that reduces joint stress, such as swimming and cycling.

Using the Right Equipment

It turns out that choosing and using the right equipment ensures you are exercising safely. For example, if you want to do weightlifting for the first time, adjust the size of the ideal weight so as not to cause injury. Start with a level that matches your current abilities. Likewise, when you are cycling or running, wear reflective clothing so that other drivers will see you.

Heating and Cooling

The basic rules for safe exercise include warming up and cooling down. Each exercise should begin with a warm-up and end with a cool-down. First, start with a warm-up that makes the blood smooth to relax the muscles of the body. The body becomes more ready to exercise. Simple warm-ups you can do, such as stretching your hamstrings, shoulder joints, walking in place, swinging your arms and so on.

Pay Attention to Your Body

When exercising avoid forcing the body because too much exercise. As a result, the body becomes tired and fatigue can trigger the risk of injury. Pay attention to the condition of your body so that your joints do not become sore due to exercise. This can be avoided by stopping exercising first if you are already tired while exercising.

Always Hydrate While Exercising

When exercising, especially when the weather is hot, try to stay hydrated. Vice versa; even if you exercise in an air-conditioned room, still try to drink enough to prevent dehydration. If your exercise is more than an hour or high intensity, also provide isotonic drinks to replace the body’s lost electrolytes.

Pay Attention to Pain

When on the sidelines of exercise, pay attention to your body whether there is pain or not. If you experience pain during a particular exercise, stop first, and seek advice from an expert or professional in the field.

Consult the Experts

When starting out on your own, you may have felt overwhelmed or had questions about form, technique, what equipment to use, how to get/evaluate results, or even how to stretch.

 Vary Your Sports

Avoid doing the same routine or exercise every day. For example, do exercises that target the same arm muscles and core exercises every day in a row. Make sure you vary the muscle groups you train, or schedule breaks between exercise days to prevent overuse injuries.

Call the Doctor

If during exercise you experience dizziness, chest pain, shortness of breath, or fainting, immediately visit a doctor for consultation and get the right diagnosis and treatment.

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5 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat While Dieting

Are you on a diet program? If true, surely you know that one of the diet programs is to reduce the amount of food. However, did you know that the key to the diet is actually food selection? Many people do not realize that in order for a diet program to work, he must limit certain types of food. In fact, if possible, you should not eat certain foods so that the diet program runs smoothly.

For those of you who don’t know what the list of foods to avoid so that the diet can be successful, here is the full review.

French Fries or Potato Chips

The first type of food is  fries or it could be potato chips. It can be said, French fries and potato chips are one of the popular snacks.  Potatoes are also a healthy food as long as they are not fried. You need to know that the frying process can make the calorie and oil content in potatoes higher. Plus, eating foods high in fat like French fries can increase cancer. So that the diet program can be successful, cook potatoes by boiling, roasting, and also steaming. It can also maintain various nutrients in potatoes.


Cake is a food made from flour, sugar, and butter. With a mixture of these ingredients, it can make many types of cakes that contain high calories. Unfortunately, it also degrades various nutrients in the cake itself.

When you eat cake, it can cause you to feel hungry and always want to eat in large portions. If you still want to eat sweet foods while on a diet, you can replace them with dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains many antioxidants and can also lower bad cholesterol in the body.

Ice Cream

When the hot weather comes or feels stifling, then we tend to want to eat ice cream. Because, by consuming ice cream can be refreshing and it tastes delicious. However, ice cream contains very high levels of sugar and calories.

If you want to eat ice cream, it’s best to make your own ice cream and not buy prepackaged ice cream. Of course, by making homemade ice cream, you can use healthy and natural ingredients. Examples of ice cream from fruits and yogurt.

 Fast Food

Fast food generally has a lot of calories, cholesterol, and salt. While the nutrients in it are very little. If you eat these foods in large quantities, it can cause weight gain. Even worse, it can increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol.

Therefore, it would be much better for you not to eat fast food. Expand the consumption of healthy foods and also contain balanced nutrition.

Fizzy Drinks and Packaged Drinks

Types of soft drinks and various types of packaged drinks (coffee, milk, and packaged juices) have high levels of sugar and calories. If you consume too much it can have a bad impact on health. One of them is to increase body weight.

If you want juice, it’s best to make your own or buy juice without added sugar. Not only healthy, but also can meet daily needs.

These are the five foods that should not be eaten while on a diet. Hopefully this article can provide benefits.

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The Right Way to Prevent Body Odor Naturally

Body odor can affect anyone, both men and women. Maybe the factors that cause each person can be different, but some are the same, considering we live in a tropical country, where hot and rainy weather can increase the risk of bad body odor. Keep in mind that basically body odor can appear when bacteria in the body meet sweat. So, it can be concluded that the surefire ways below can help you prevent body odor naturally:

Take a Bath Regularly With Antiseptic Soap

Antiseptic or antibacterial soap can help get rid of the bacteria present in the body. Bathe regularly at least 2 times a day. Make sure the whole body is dry when you dress, especially in areas that often sweat, such as the armpit area, the folds of the hands and feet.

Wear Clothes That Easily Absorb Sweat

Wearing clean clothes is sometimes not enough to prevent body odor. What needs more attention is the material of the clothes. Cotton clothes are more breathable and absorb sweat. Wearing clothes made of this material will make the body not hot quickly and not easy to sweat.

Watch Your Food Intake

There are some foods that can trigger body odor, such as onions and mutton. The effects on each person’s body are different, so you need to first check what types of food cause body odor. Usually fatty, spicy and pungent-smelling foods can cause excessive sweat production and a sharper smell as well.

Regularly Drink Sour Turmeric

Who is not familiar with this traditional herbal concoction? Turmeric acid has been very popular, especially among women, because it is known to help reduce pain that occurs during menstruation, as well as launch the menstrual cycle. Turmeric acid also contains vitamins A and C which help clean the skin from within, making it more radiant and less prone to breakouts.

Drinking sour turmeric concoction regularly can also help prevent body odor, because its essential oil content is able to fight bacteria that cause body odor and control the amount of sweat produced. So, turmeric acid is very good to drink by men and women.