Practical Ways to Prevent Exposure to Internal Heat

Symptoms that arise when heat is often not worrying, but if ignored can disturb our comfort. An uncomfortable throat can lead to pain when swallowing. There are also other symptoms of internal heat that are quite stealing, namely bad breath, dry and cracked lips, canker sores, and coughing. If not addressed immediately, will be the beginning of other diseases such as flu. jonathan anomaly

What Is Internal Heat?

The terms that are often used to summarize some of the symptoms above are in fact not in the medical vocabulary. Heartburn is not a disease, but a collection of early symptoms … Read the rest


Six Powerful Ways to Maintain Stomach Health

The stomach is an important organ in the human body because it functions to process food and drinks that enter the body. The process of food and drink is processed in the stomach and if there is a problem with the digestive organs it will make the body suffer from stomach acid or ulcer disease.

Of course, with a stomach like that feels uncomfortable for the owner of the body if stomach acid rises it will cause the owner of the body to feel nauseous, dizzy, pain in the area and so on. To maintain and maintain of course starting … Read the rest

Tips for Preventing Sports Injuries

Exercise has many health benefits. Unfortunately, when you don’t focus or pay attention to what you’re doing, sportsĀ  injuries can happen. Therefore, it is important to know about sports injury prevention exercises. Well, to do it safely, you can do the following ways. Come on, learn more!

How to Prevent Injury While Exercising

Do you know? Injuries can happen to anyone, no matter if you are a sportsman or an experienced person. Even walking alone can cause injury. However, don’t worry you can significantly reduce your risk of injury by following these sports injury precautions including:

Ensure Conditions Stay Prime

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5 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat While Dieting

Are you on a diet program? If true, surely you know that one of the diet programs is to reduce the amount of food. However, did you know that the key to the diet is actually food selection? Many people do not realize that in order for a diet program to work, he must limit certain types of food. In fact, if possible, you should not eat certain foods so that the diet program runs smoothly.

For those of you who don’t know what the list of foods to avoid so that the … Read the rest

The Right Way to Prevent Body Odor Naturally

Body odor can affect anyone, both men and women. Maybe the factors that cause each person can be different, but some are the same, considering we live in a tropical country, where hot and rainy weather can increase the risk of bad body odor. Keep in mind that basically body odor can appear when bacteria in the body meet sweat. So, it can be concluded that the surefire ways below can help you prevent body odor naturally:

Take a Bath Regularly With Antiseptic Soap

Antiseptic or antibacterial soap can help get rid of the bacteria present in the body. Bathe … Read the rest